Latest Crypto News 7th March


Latest Crypto News 7th March


University of Hong Kong will work together with Chinese Tencent Financial Academy. Their goal is to study technology Blockchain and also fintech projects. This university also informed about adding new course oriented for fintech in September.

Stock exchange SIX Swiss Exchang will use R´3 corda Enterprise platform based on Blockchain for their new digital exchange. This new exchange called Six Digital Exchange (SDX) will be based on Blockchain.

German company Commerzbank offering financial services will use proof- of- concept for repo transactions based on distributed ledger technology (DLT) as security marketplace Deutsche Boerse use.  Advantage of repo transactions is short process and are used for selling securities by dealers to investors.

On 14th March will startup Enjin based on Ethereum specializing for tokenization add product called Software Development Kit (SDK). This product will be used by Unity which is a game development engine. Users of SDK will be able to develop and manage distribution of token based on Blockchain called ERC- 1155.

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